Google Analytics is a valuable tool that can provide detailed information relating to your website traffic. The eDirectory system has Google Analytics built into the system, you will just need to register for your own unique account. Please complete the steps below to register:

1) Go to the Google Analytics website ( and click the Set Up for Free button.

2) Enter your information and click on the "Show advanced options" button. It's best to create the property in the default format https://www.

3) Click on "Create a Universal Analytics property".

4) Select "Create a Universal Analytics property only".

5) Choose the Web option and click the Next button

6) Fill in your website information and choose a Business Category. Then click the Create button.

7) Select your country and accept all the Terms and Conditions. 

8) Copy your Tracking ID code. 

8) Go back to your site manager. Go to Configuration -> Google Integrations and select the Google Analytics tab. Paste the Tracking ID code. Select the pages you want to be analyzed. Then click Save Changes.