Google Analytics is a valuable tool that can provide detailed information relating to your website traffic. The eDirectory system has Google Analytics built into the system, you will just need to register for your own unique account. Please complete the steps below to register:

1) Go to the Google Analytics website, and click on the Start measuring button.

2) Account creation: Enter your account name, check the boxes on Account Data Sharing Settings and click on "Next":

3) Property creation: Enter your information. Configure the property name, your country, time zone, currency, and click on "Next":

4)  Business detail: Check your business category and size anc click on "Next"

5) Business objectives: Check that boxes that apply to your business, and click on the "Create" button.

6) Next, you will be prompted to accept the terms of Service Agreement:

7) Data Collection: Click on the option "Web", and type your website URL, the Stream Name, and click on "Create Stream":

Notice: Replace "test" with your site domain. It's best to create the property in the default format

Notice: In order to configure Google Analytics, first it is needed to have a live domain (URL) connected to your site. If you would like to change the domain of your website, contact our team on the email:

8) Next, a page with all the details of your Analytics configuration will be displayed. Click on the icon to copy the measurement ID in the top right corner.

9) Go back to your site manager. Go to ConfigurationGoogle Integrations and select the Google Analytics tab. Paste the Tracking ID code. Select the pages you want to be analyzed. Then click Save Changes.

Notice: When pasting the tracking ID code on the site manager area as seen on the screenshot in step 9, check if your site is compatible with Google Analytics 4. You can check it on the placeholder of the "Google Analytics Account field", the example code format displayed is G-2623236182, when the code format starts with a "G", it means your site is compatible with Analytics 4, and you can paste it, and save it normally on your site. However, if the example code format displayed on this field starts with "UA", it means that your site is not compatible with Analytics 4, and it is necessary to install it following the instructions from this article: How to install Google Analytics 4 on Google Tag Manager