The eDirectory system allows for the site manager to have full control over the cost of each item for sale through the system. 


1. Upon logging on as Site Manager, open the Configuration tab located on the left side of the screen.  

2. Once you open the Configuration tab, click on Manage Levels & Pricing.

3. This third step is optional if you have already input this information and do not need to update it. The page will automatically open up the Currency sub-tab under Payment Options. If you need to change the currency, taxes, or payment methods, you can change them in this section. Please be sure to click Save Changes in the right-hand corner of each subsection. 


4. If you just need to edit levels and pricing, you can click the middle tab of Manage Levels & Pricing under Payment Options. 

5. Depending on what price changes that you need to make to Listings, Events, Banners, Classifieds, or Articles, you can navigate through all of these very easily, but be sure to click Save Changes in the bottom right-hand corner of the section after each price change.


6. Then, you have the option of changing the Level Features. You can go through and click which features belong to each level.
7. Finally, click Save Changes in the bottom left-hand corner.