Note: you must have the Google Tag Manager integration configured before setting this up. If you haven't yet, click here.


Osano is a company that developed an open-source solution to help websites display cookie consent banners. You can easily set up your disclaimer in a few steps:


1. Access the link:

2. Choose the Open Source Edition and click on the Start Coding button:

3. In this step, you can choose in what position your banner will be displayed. As you can see on the screenshot, on this example, we chose "Floating Right" and the website provided a preview:

4. Now, it's time to select the disclaimer layout, same as the step before, the website will show you a preview: 

5. Here you will define your disclaimer color palette. You can choose one of their color schemes or create your own! Please consider your eDirectory's palette to make sure both will match: 

6. Select "Link to your own policy" and past your Privacy policy link, for example,


7. Now you need to select what type of Compliance you will use on your site, any of the options will work, you just need to select the option that fits your business type the best: 


8. It's time to customize your Message, the Button text, and Policy Link text: 


9. You finished configuring your Cookies disclaimer! Please scroll back to the top, copy both codes provided and use Google Tag Manager for fast deployment.

Websites using Google Tag Manager (GTM) can easily deploy cookie consent banners by following the instructions below.

Assuming that you have already created a GTM account, created a website container in GTM and connected GTM to your directory website, follow these steps:


1. Create a new Custom HTML Tag, you can name it “Cookie Consent Banner”:

2. Click on " Tag Configuration " and edit it: 


3. Scroll down and select "Custom HTML":

4. Paste both codes on the HTML field:

5. On Triggers section, select All Pages and then save the tag; 

6. Submit and Publish the Container:


The consent banner is now active on your website.

If you have any other questions or need any further support, please don't hesitate in contacting us on

We take great care in providing this information to you, but please be aware of the fact that this support article can not be considered a substitute for professional legal advice.

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