Now you can choose if you are going to create a unique code or just generate a random one for the deals redeem.

This feature can be edited by the sponsor (the owner of the deal) and/or by the sitemgr.

Check the steps below:

When editing the deal on the sponsor area, you have three options: Generate a random code for each redeem, use a unique code for all redeems or Add QR Code.

If you would like to know how to add a QR code for deal redeemers, check this article.

Enter on the deal edit page and you will find a field called “Redeem code options”

If you would like to use a random code, just keep the option “Generate a random code for each redeem” set.

If you would like to customize a code by yourself, use the second option and name your custom code, check the example below:

On the front end, you will see the custom code to redeem: