The Listing Owners can publish Deals on the website. To do so the deal needs to be associated with an active listing and within an active period.

To add a Deal as the Site Manager, please, follow the instructions below:

1. At the Site Manager area, go to “Content”

2. At “Content”, select “Deals”

3. Click at the button “+ Add Deal”

4. At the Deal editing page, add the Deal Title

5. Select the account which the deal will belong to. A deal needs to be associated with an active listing so it can appear on the website

6. Then, add a short description of the deal

7. In this field, you can add a detailed description of the deal

8. On the “Conditions” field, you’ll be able to add the deal’s rules

9. Type the keywords for the search

10. Choose the dates for the deal to determine in which period the deal will be active

11. Select the discount type (Fixed Value or Percentage Discount)

12. The item’s value and the discount must be fulfilled

13. And set a value for how many deals will be offered

14. Set your SEO configurations

15. Add a Image to your Deal

16. Add a Cover Image to your Deal

17. Last, hit “Save Changes”