In this article, we will cover how you add a social sharing widget to your eDirectory website. For the sake of this tutorial, we will use a tool called Sharethis (, but you can explore other options of your preference. You will need an account on Google Tag Manager in order to install the widget correctly. To find more information on how to install GTM, please read this article.

1. Go to the ShareThis website and click on Start with Share Buttons.

2. Select the Sticky Share Buttons option and click next.

3. Click on Customize your Sticky Share Buttons to select which sharing options you prefer.


4. Select all sharing options that are important to your online directory. You can also choose the Alignment (left or right of the screen), the labels of each button, and the colors among other options. After customizing your widget, click Next.

5. Now, create a new account on ShareThis.

6. Copy the code shown in step 1

7. Now go to your Google Tag Manager dashboard.

8. Create a new Tag and select the Custom HTML container

9. Place the script copied from Share This in the HTML box

10. Add a Trigger - in general, the most used trigger is “Page View - All Pages”, this will make the Social Sharing buttons be displayed on all pages of your website.

11. Save the tag/trigger.

12. Publish the changes.

publishing the changes on your Google Tag Manager, go to your directory and the widget should be visible on your site within a few minutes.

Disclaimer: eDirectory is not affiliated with ShareThis. eDirectory and the eDirectory support team are not responsible for training external integrations and/or third-party tools.